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Legal services provided by the MAM Law Firm in the Philippines.

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Filipino Living Abroad

Legal Services provided by the MAM Law Firm for Filipino who live in other countries.

List of services

(For Foreigners who wish to reside in the Philippines)

Legal services to Foreign Nationals who wish to settle/immigrate to the Philippines. The MAM Law Firm is affiliated with Lawyers/Law Firms in Canada and Australia which handle immigration matters in those countries.

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The Philippines is a leading destination for investment and tourism. Endowed with good weather all throughout the year and hospitable people with easy facility of the English language, it has become a retirement haven for the world’s retirees, seniors and elderly. With its beautiful beach resorts, the country has recently opened its doors to health and wellness programs, retirement and medical tourism. The business and economic conditions are favorable and conducive to the establishment of companies, branch offices and subsidiaries of foreign corporations. Responding to these needs, the Philippine Government has offered a special non-immigrant visa which entitles foreign nationals and former Filipino citizens to reside in the Philippines indefinitely with multiple entry privileges.The MENDOZA ARZAGA-MENDOZA LAW FIRM (MAM Law Firm), is a full service law firm which was established in 1982 by its Senior Partner Attorney Leo Luis P. Mendoza and Attorney Ma. Luz S. Arzaga-Mendoza.  The MAM Law Firm offers the following services to foreign nationals who wish to settle/immigrate to the Philippines:

  • Setting up of corporations, partnerships, or single proprietorship businesses for Foreign Nationals, compliance with reportorial and other requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) and other government offices;
  • Returning residents or Filipinos living abroad but who have properties in the Philippines which were acquired by purchase, inheritance, donation, or other modes of acquisition, payment of real property taxes or Estate taxes, and background check on the status of these properties.

Legal Services of MAM Law Firm to foreign nationals:

  • Immigrant Visa/Non-Immigrant visa, Immigrant visa by marriage;
  • Special visa for Foreign Nationals who are Retirees, Senior citizens and the Elderly;
  • Investor visa;
  • Temporary resident visa/Temporary visitor visa;
  • Treaty traders and Treaty investors;
  • Accredited officials of a Foreign country;
  • Studyvisa/Special student permit;
  • Pre-arranged Employment visa:

Special Work permit

Artists and athletes

  • Alien Registration

Issuance of ACR-Icard

Annual Reportorial requirements for ACR-Icard holders

  • Special Resident Retiree visa – which allows holders to:

Purchase condominium unit;

Enter into long-term lease of a parcel of land or house and lot;

Purchase of proprietary share in golf and country clubs;

Partnership in the development of hotels, condominiums, condotels, apartments, resorts, housing facilities and retirement facilities with

or without caring facilities.